Erik's Game

Treasure Log 3

Found 2 Gold A Piece
Everyone 25% off at Bokken’s, Shannen has 30%
A Truce with Emperor Garnn
Possible knowledge of the Tetzleworm.

Treasure Log 2

We found 20 gold apiece

The priest offers us free casting of spells


So we started out from the dreadfully plain Olegs Trading Camp. At first I was glad to leave the drab place. It is so boring…and dirty.

We were taking a statue to the kobolds. Why? I don’t know and didn’t care. Was just happy to be moving somewhere.

We traveled for what seemed like days. Day after boring day. Boring until we met Boken. He was fun. Crazy, makes bad tea, but fun. The crazy alchemist needs some Fang Berries. I am sure we will be returning later with some berries since I have been reduced more or less into a courier. A Silverstar acting as a common courier, how absurd. If father knew he would be laughing and saying I told you so.

After about another six weeks of boring travel we stumbled upon a dead troll. It was an ugly brute. Kind of looked like Queen Beatrice’s third son. Also her second son…and her first son. Poor boys. Troll tracks led one way from the dead troll, a set of wounded humanoid tracks led into another direction. Even though I was almost dead from boredom we didn’t follow either set of tracks and instead went towards the kobolds cave.

We have been on this boring trip for what seems like months when we found buried treasure. Really, we found buried treasure. It was like a pirate got lost and buried a dagger, silver ring, wand and a spell book by a tree.

After about another year of dreadful exploring and sleeping outdoors we came to the river. A fun river. The only way across was a rope strung across the fast moving river. I jumped up on the rope and ran half way across when I smelled them. There was a dirty smelly old man and he had some dirty smelly dogs. Very disgusting and dirty. Shannon of the Long Leg talked the dirty old man into leaving us. She turned what could have a VERY fun encounter into just a fun encounter.

2 or 3 decades of monotonous traveling and exploring finally led us to the Silvertop silver mine. We were returning the statue to the kobolds when an exciting civil war broke out. Chief versus Shaman. Fight to the death. Best kobold wins. Or the kobold with Xavier Silverstar III wins. 2 thrusts of my rapier Killed 2 kobolds. Although I didn’t kill the shaman I did wound him grievously. After the near death blow I gave him he was an easy target for Walker from “I am a girl and I fight with a bow instead of a sword” Valley.

After some dreadfully boring trade talk with the kobolds we started back for Olegs. Believe it or not I was looking forward to Olegs lumpy flea ridden beds.

After 2 score days of travel we were ambushed by some bandits. That is not accurate, they attempted to ambush us. The closest one went down by fire and steel. I charged the two cowards shooting arrows at us. I gracefully dodged the 2 arrows they fired at me and ran my blade through one of the bandits throat. As he fell down the other bandit surrendered.

Turns out he was broke and was just trying to feed his family. I gave him some coin and made him promise to live an honest life. The bandit gave us some information about the Stag Lord. I am not sure how phrases will help but the others seemed excited. We took him to Oleg’s to start his new life.

I find it amazing how a few coins can change a mans life. Sadly most of the worlds coins belong to a handful of people and they are not sharing.If some of that money was given to those who need it the world could be a better place. Unfortunately my father, the churches, and most of the wealthy hoard their money. They NEED it so they can make more money off of the people who really need it.

That night I slept peacefully in Oleg’s lumpy bed.

Treasure Log

Magical/Masterwork Items Found:

Dust of Illusion = Shannen
Wand of Magic Missles = NoBark
Bracers +1 = Storage
Sickle Masterwork = Storage
Masterwork Light Shield = Shannen
7 Flaming Arrows + 1 = Walker
Boots of Elven kind = Xavier
Spell Book = NoBark
Masterwork Dagger = Shannen
Wand of Burning Hands = Xavier
Silver Ring (75 gold) = Storage

(Not counting individual expenditures, everyone should have 755 gold)

Calpales Log

A short log entry, scrawled in concise sentences, more like a military report than a fancyful tale

After killing that spider we kept exploring. Discovered an abandoned mine. Took a sample of Rock, looks like gold, I will show it to Olek.
Discovered a large plane with a single big tree in the middle. Made camp for the night. Ambushed by two small creatures, both killed. Creatures are Mites, nasty little buggers. Rest of the night was uneventful.
Approached the Tree at dawn, found a door. Companions were undecided how to proceede, decided to take the initiative and knock. Heard voices from the inside, seems to be more Mites. Tried to smoke the mites out of their burrow, no success. Shannon was very unhappy with my methods, decided to name the Tree Calpales Folley. Will have whole region named after me at this rate.
Party decided to breach underground tunnels. Hate confined spaces, no room to maneuver, went in first.
Found mites entrenched and prepared for an ambush, slew several of them including several large centipedes they were keeping as pets. Walker almost killed by giant Centipede over a chasm. Freed a Kobold prisoner who told us of a Kobold idol in posession of the Mites. Idol may be useful to apease Kobolds as per our mission.
Searched remainder of Cave network. Walker spotted the leader of the Mites riding a giant Tick and assassinated him. Giant Tick turned on remaining Mites without its keeper, had to dispatch it. Grappled with Tick, comrades were successful in dispatching it.
Wound from Tick infected, several members of the Group showing signs of poisoning from the Centepedes. Decided to go back to Olek’s camp to rest and recover.
Shipment of goods arrived at Olek’s, have a bastard sword now and took time to familiarize myself with the weapon. Wounds have healed up, feel like I’m stronger for them.

Walker Log 74

We have been charged with chronicling the details of our adventures in addition to the mapping of the terrain. We are to provide detailed recollections of our actions, tasks we undertake, and log any rewards garnered. One can only suppose that our benefactor is looking for more information than he felt prudent in sharing with us. This disturbs me slightly. I would prefer to know everything there is to know, and sort things out in due course. Perhaps time will eventually tell us the reason (or the wisdom) of withholding that information.

I have not the same gift for words as my kinsman, Shannen. Were it to me, I would keep merely a simple log of creatures slain, and the geography encountered. As taking my turn as scribe cannot gracefully be avoided, I put my hand to pen.

Interrogating the captured bandits at Oleg’s reveals they are from the local arm of a criminal organization of sorts, led by someone known as the Stag Lord. It seems this local branch is captained by an axe-wielding woman known to be of irrational temperament, and rumor has she is willing to fill her ranks with desperate locals – farmers, villagers.

The bounty to neutralize this band was reasonable, so we set out at first light. The lady of the house sent us with an additional charge to bring her a basket of moon radishes for soup. For my part, I find there is more appealing forage to be had nearly anywhere – but as the old saying goes – “There’s no accounting for human taste.” They are plentiful, nutritious, and not entirely objectionable to the palate. (The radishes, not the humans)

It was simple enough to track the ruffians’ route back to their camp. On the way we heard a suspicious rustling deep within a sizable moon radish patch. Calpale bravely dispatched a large swath of radish tops and revealed a small band of kobolds. He absorbed a goodly bit of injury (from the kobolds, not the radishes) but soldiered on valiantly. We slew the sooty kolbolds handily and then set ourselves to a thornier task, namely – deciding whether to find the kobolds lair, return to Oleg’s or to venture forth. There was some debate about both the value of the kobold bounty and the shelf life of radishes. We decided to head south another day, deal with the bandits, and pick up fresh radishes upon our return if needed. The kobolds will still be around – and we can address them in our own time.

Another days’ hiking riverside brought us to the local hideout of the Stag Lord’s bandits. An unfortunately-placed step on my part alerted their sentry. NoBark’s devastating volley set the pace, but he soon paid for it dearly as a pair of heavy crossbow bolts from the leader found their mark. Thanks to the quick thinking of Shannen and the valorous protection by Calpale he was revived to hurl death again. Xavier and I were effective on the sentries with sword and bow. As their tempestuous leader attempted to flee, she fell to Shannen’s whip and a mighty stroke from Xavier. The few remaining bandits surrendered and were eventually (after some fruitful interrogation) spared to return to their families. We returned Oleg’s uneventfully with the spoils, good intelligence on the Stag Lord, and a sizable haul of moon radishes. Of particular interest to everyone is a case of impressive liquors.

After returning Oleg’s goods, and selling the remainder we netted about 200gp each and a bowl of lovingly-prepared soup each. On a positive note, armed support has arrived from the city, so we can continue our mapping (and pick up any incidental adventuring work) without leaving the post undefended. After dining, we caught up on the local news. Not surprisingly, it seems to focus on local bounty work, trade reports, and gossip about the occasional traveler.

For the record, I have less than No Interest in the natterings of the locals about how this or that noble people their bedchambers. While I dismiss such nonsense when I can’t avoid it – it seems unusual how much of it focuses on the cleric with the security detail. He’s asked us to investigate some area of holy ground near here. Time will tell if proves to be a trustworthy ally – or someone attempting to use us for a more mischievous purpose. Like most humans – he is fairly legible to me. I can tell better than most when they are concealing their interest or agitation or when they are withholding information, but to what end – I cannot discern. Either way, I will be watching him closely. Tomorrow we venture south to locate TuskGutter, a boar-like creature that has been harassing the locals and try to put an end to him.

Addendum: A long day of hiking through the plains found us startling a large pit spider as much as we were startled by him. A clever and powerful charge by Calpale kept the beast in its lair, and unable to pounce, and several potent volleys from our party into the mouth of the den put it down without much trouble. We will make camp here tonight and continue at sunup. It seems our journeys have taken us into The Wilds… and wild they are indeed.


Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged
by the lords of Kelwan, acting upon the greater good and
authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the
Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel
within the wilderness region known as the Wild Lands. Exploration
should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and
west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of
this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful
behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry
remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this
24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Rillanon and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of he Dragonscale Throne.

Shannen's Journal
Entry 73

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”
-Grand Marshall Tyrell Andronicus III

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.”
-Prince Gautama Siddharta

“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces together.”

NoBark, my childhood friend and boon companion, is blessed by the gods. Of course, all mad men are. I do get ahead of myself as I am wont to do, so let me take a brief step back. NoBark and I have arrived in the Capital of Kelwan, Rillanon, a week ago hence. The trying times and economic struggles have not afforded the populace to award me with the typical praise I receive when I perform. Even NoBarks efforts in garnering payments from the disinclined have not been as fruitful as they usually are. It was not our economic woes that made this particular day so interesting, but the results of NoBark’s aborted efforts at pilfering a particular individual.

I could see all three arrayed before him from my spot on a busy street corner. (Interestingly enough we ran the full gambit of humanoids from Elven to Human, for of the three one was Elven, another Half-Elven, and the last a Human. It was the human that NoBark attempted to employ his arts against.) I was taking a moment, during my song, and observed NoBark being caught by the man he was attempting to steal from. I was getting ready to intervene, when the Elf dissuaded the human and gave NoBark a hand-out. (Well, more fools to them, as once NoBark sees a “shiny” he has a very difficult time turning his attention from it.) NoBark attempted to steal again, with all three pairs of eyes on, and of course he was caught. The Elf gave him another donation of gold. Of course, I was then forced to intervene because it appeared the Elf wanted to take him in. I was afraid they might take him to an asylum or the lock-up and I know that attempts to restrain NoBark have usually have explosive results.

I ended my song and introduced myself as NoBark’s caretaker. The Elf, foolishly noble with the arrogance to match, introduced himself as Xavier Silverstar III (A minor son of the noble family?), the silent and foreboding half-elf was simply named Walker (Watchful and, as I later discover, having an interesting possession), with towering wall of armor as Calpale (A bounty hunter of sorts, I assumed). All three smelled of the road. With quick introductions made, I sought to disentangle NoBark from the mess he created; when another opportunity presented itself quickly thereafter.

A priestess of the Goddess Harlan, acting upon the behalf of the wise and benevolent Chancellor Restive, requested our services. She escorted us to the bath house, so my male companions to compose themselves in a way that would benefit a man of Restive’s stature, and to the palace. It was here that Restive presented us a grand opportunity to shape the ways of the Kingdom for generations to come. He requested our assistance in passivising the wilds for, what must be, the early stages of settlement. His plan was simple in its elegance, he was looking for capable individuals to map the lands. He also requested that we deal with those who flaunted the King’s Laws in a manner befitting their crime. He then outfitted us with horses, feed and a sum of gold to speed us on our way.

Now our company was many weeks away from the wilds and we elected to travel with Beebo’s Amazing and Spectacular Carnival Extravaganza (Or something along those lines) allowing some of us to take on work as entertainers. (I always welcome the opportunity to expose the world to the soft sound of my voice and the insight of my stories, for it is a cold dark place and it is always worthy to illume the soul.) Some of my companions also took time to entertain, NoBark with pyrotechnics, Walker spent time with the animals and Xavier spent time learning the art of the tight rope. It was not the traveling itself that was interesting, but the knowledge gained.

Walker has a similar amulet as mine, different runes, but similar. We discovered that it resonates with some of the standing stones that can be found around the country. Beebo, who noticed our discovery, also showed that he had a greater understanding how these stones work in conjunction with the amulets. They also us to use the standing stones as portals. Beebo shared that their amulets are “different” and that they only allow us to teleport one way. Calpale expressed reservation at this form of travel, who knew that this towering warrior could be unmanned so, but eventually relented and we made use of the portal.

It was, simply, miraculous. We covered a weeks worth of travel in moments, the only curious moment was a feeling of a dark, malevolent, intelligence that, thankfully, let us pass by. We then arrived in the wilds and were quickly able to ascertain our location relative to Oleg’s Trading post. (I had neglected to contact that he was our contact in the Wilds, another person caught up in the flow and ebbs of history and civilization.) Our travels had us cross paths with an Owl Bear, slavering with a hungering intent. My companions proved their strength with blade, bow, and explosions and we quickly made an end of this dangerous beast. (Walker almost found himself crushed, but amazingly he was able to use his brute force to escape from the claws of the Owl Bear’s grapple.)

The next day had us at the entrance of an old wooden fort, which had seen better days, that was bequeathed upon Oleg as his trading post. Oleg braves these untamed lands with naught but his loyal and stalwart wife, Svetlana. They, at first, assumed we were mere soldiers coming to aid them in their fight against bandits who have been terrorizing them. We quickly disabused them of their notions, but their spirits were soon up lifted to learn that we were representatives of the King, here to administer his justice and to blaze a trail in civilizing these hostile lands. Oleg, as hard and indomitable as a mountain range, informed us that these bandits have been terrorizing them for sometime and making a mockery of his efforts in cultivating this land. They are led by a woman named Keller, a most nefarious villain, who threatened harm upon Oleg and to allow her men to molest the motherly Svetlana if he did not capitulate to her demands. Keller, an elf(?) and wielder of two axes, has since grown complacent in her unlawful extortion and is now sending her flunkies to commandeer her ill gotten tribute. We all, heroic in our enterprise, agreed to assist Oleg in overthrowing this criminal endeavor

We spent the day planning a trap, ingenious in its weaving, to detain these cowardly brigands and laid in wait. (Xavier and Calpale took guard in a storage shed, awaiting the moment they could charge out and take charge of the land. Walker, NoBark and myself took command of the heights, so that we may cut the blackguards down from the very skies.) About eight of these brigands strolled insolently into the compound, as if they owned the place. Oleg and Svetlana distracted them momentarily, providing me the opportunity to employ my bardic arts and ensnare their leader with charm. I was then able to use the leader to coral his members in a position to allow easy ambushing by Xavier and NoBark. He also agreed to disarm himself, making himself more vulnerable to his assault. He spoke that Keller and himself answer to the Stag King, an individual he has never met.

Before his men could become aware of our ruse, I signaled the attack. Walkers bow sung, each note a pointed delivery. NoBark joined him in song, his javelins accentuating the song. Calpale and Xavier took up the beat, darting out amongst the thugs and laying waste with blade and shield. The only discord was when one of the blackguards took a moment and struck at Xavier cowardly from behind, felling him. I did what I could to aid my companion and I was able to pull the villain off his feet, so that he was unable to harm Xavier.

These lawless thugs were unable to compete against our sense of purpose and mettle and we quickly subdued them, netting to prisoners. Oleg and Svetlana sang praises to our bravery as they thanked us from freeing them from this injustice. Both of the captured bandits were bound and jailed, while we awaited for soldiers from the garrison to come and take them to justice.

Location details


The world of Thystra has three large continents that most people know about. International politics are currently strained between all three players. Normally, this would not be an issue since there are vast oceans separating them and it would take a great deal of effort to invade a neighbor. Within the last few years this changed when the Arunian empire invaded the Kingdom of Kelwan in a well coordinated attack that caught the country off guard. It is unknown how the Arunian legion was able to strike within Kelwan when the fleet only blockaded Rillanon and Thelose. After severe losses the people of Kelwan rose up and fought back against the legions. What follows is a brief, general description. (knowledge check taking 10):

Arunia- The Arunian Empire spans most of the continent with the exception of the south which is held by an alliance of dwarves and elves. The Arunians culture is a culture of expansion and with exception of the south the continent know peace. The Arunians are notably haughty, arrogant and gifted with magic. Tales are told of the Arunians signature torture, called the Blood Eagle. A gruesome fate where a prisoner chest is cracked open while they are alive and their lungs are pulled out carefully, so that they are able to breathe while they bleed to death.
The Alliance-On the southern part of the continent the dwarves and elves cling to hope by joining forces against the Arunians. The focal point of their defense is the dwarves stronghold Terisoto.Lately the front has been quite but this can only mean that the Arunians are planning…something.

Mythosian Republic- The Mythosian Republic is a loose set of states that follow a mutual protection clause. They gained the Empires ire when one of the states started to aid the Alliance. This has so far resulted in sword rattling.

Kelwan(where you guys are from)- The island continent has maintained peace with its major populations for generations and with the recent war this has only strengthened the age old alliances between the Elves, Dwarves and Kingdom of Kelwan. The Elves remain reclusive but they did send aid to the Kingdom during the invasion. The Dwarves trade freely with the kingdom but are secretive about their internal politics. If you are an elf or dwarf you will get separate info on those races.
The Kingdom of Kelwan is governed by King Maeldric the 3rd who came to power when his father died during the invasion. Details are unclear about how the king passed, but popular rumor is that a demon summoned by Arunian mages destroyed the royal suites. The present King has been adept at maintaining the peace. The kingdom is broken into six principalities that maintain their own forces and security. They pay taxes to the kingdom in the fall. The royal government maintains a standing army, made up of conscripts from around the country. These forces are concerned with boarder security. Most of the island has unnaturally high cliffs that make for ship landings to be unfeasible except for in the Thelosian desert and the Rillanon coast. Principalities have multiple minor nobles that swear allegiance to their lords and the crown. The principalities are as follows:

Rillanon- The capital city of Kelwan and the jewel of the kingdom. This is the seat of the royal government. Rillanon is governed as its own principality though it gets all of it’s supplies from trade or tax. It resides within the Boran.

Boran- Is the richest of the principalities with vast amounts of gold mined from its hills. The Boran’s named the principality after their ancestral name.
The Nest-Is the seat of the Celens, a old noble family that values honor above all else.
The Pass- Is the seat of power for the Sunak family who control trade with the Dwarves and Elves.

The Marches Tide- The Seabold family is another old family concerned with trade on the water way, farming, and plying the Navar for its bounty of fish.

Thelose- This area is largely desert and is a large port on the southern part of the island. The Moran family is the ruling lord of the principality.

The Wild Lands- This is the area where most raids occur from orcs, goblins etc. This area has been ceded nominally to the Kingdom but no one actually controls the land, it is largely unexplored. There are tales of great riches to be had.

Character Creation Notes

Trait Choices
Everyone can choose up to two traits. Be sure to take them into account when creating your history and personality.

Stat rolls

Kyler: 16, 17, 14,18,12,16

Max: 9, 16, 10, 17, 18, 16

John: 10, 16, 18, 11, 16, 9

Nate: 18, 9, 16, 15, 17, 12

Bill: 15, 15, 14, 13, 13, 15


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