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The world of Thystra has three large continents that most people know about. International politics are currently strained between all three players. Normally, this would not be an issue since there are vast oceans separating them and it would take a great deal of effort to invade a neighbor. Within the last few years this changed when the Arunian empire invaded the Kingdom of Kelwan in a well coordinated attack that caught the country off guard. It is unknown how the Arunian legion was able to strike within Kelwan when the fleet only blockaded Rillanon and Thelose. After severe losses the people of Kelwan rose up and fought back against the legions. What follows is a brief, general description. (knowledge check taking 10):

Arunia- The Arunian Empire spans most of the continent with the exception of the south which is held by an alliance of dwarves and elves. The Arunians culture is a culture of expansion and with exception of the south the continent know peace. The Arunians are notably haughty, arrogant and gifted with magic. Tales are told of the Arunians signature torture, called the Blood Eagle. A gruesome fate where a prisoner chest is cracked open while they are alive and their lungs are pulled out carefully, so that they are able to breathe while they bleed to death.
The Alliance-On the southern part of the continent the dwarves and elves cling to hope by joining forces against the Arunians. The focal point of their defense is the dwarves stronghold Terisoto.Lately the front has been quite but this can only mean that the Arunians are planning…something.

Mythosian Republic- The Mythosian Republic is a loose set of states that follow a mutual protection clause. They gained the Empires ire when one of the states started to aid the Alliance. This has so far resulted in sword rattling.

Kelwan(where you guys are from)- The island continent has maintained peace with its major populations for generations and with the recent war this has only strengthened the age old alliances between the Elves, Dwarves and Kingdom of Kelwan. The Elves remain reclusive but they did send aid to the Kingdom during the invasion. The Dwarves trade freely with the kingdom but are secretive about their internal politics. If you are an elf or dwarf you will get separate info on those races.
The Kingdom of Kelwan is governed by King Maeldric the 3rd who came to power when his father died during the invasion. Details are unclear about how the king passed, but popular rumor is that a demon summoned by Arunian mages destroyed the royal suites. The present King has been adept at maintaining the peace. The kingdom is broken into six principalities that maintain their own forces and security. They pay taxes to the kingdom in the fall. The royal government maintains a standing army, made up of conscripts from around the country. These forces are concerned with boarder security. Most of the island has unnaturally high cliffs that make for ship landings to be unfeasible except for in the Thelosian desert and the Rillanon coast. Principalities have multiple minor nobles that swear allegiance to their lords and the crown. The principalities are as follows:

Rillanon- The capital city of Kelwan and the jewel of the kingdom. This is the seat of the royal government. Rillanon is governed as its own principality though it gets all of it’s supplies from trade or tax. It resides within the Boran.

Boran- Is the richest of the principalities with vast amounts of gold mined from its hills. The Boran’s named the principality after their ancestral name.
The Nest-Is the seat of the Celens, a old noble family that values honor above all else.
The Pass- Is the seat of power for the Sunak family who control trade with the Dwarves and Elves.

The Marches Tide- The Seabold family is another old family concerned with trade on the water way, farming, and plying the Navar for its bounty of fish.

Thelose- This area is largely desert and is a large port on the southern part of the island. The Moran family is the ruling lord of the principality.

The Wild Lands- This is the area where most raids occur from orcs, goblins etc. This area has been ceded nominally to the Kingdom but no one actually controls the land, it is largely unexplored. There are tales of great riches to be had.


So was the blood eagle discovered when doctors of the Arunia Empire were trying to find a cure for the common cold?


Asthma actually :)


Well, I hate to see what they do for sinus infections


Acid netipot…

ceollyn ceollyn

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