Erik's Game

Calpales Log

A short log entry, scrawled in concise sentences, more like a military report than a fancyful tale

After killing that spider we kept exploring. Discovered an abandoned mine. Took a sample of Rock, looks like gold, I will show it to Olek.
Discovered a large plane with a single big tree in the middle. Made camp for the night. Ambushed by two small creatures, both killed. Creatures are Mites, nasty little buggers. Rest of the night was uneventful.
Approached the Tree at dawn, found a door. Companions were undecided how to proceede, decided to take the initiative and knock. Heard voices from the inside, seems to be more Mites. Tried to smoke the mites out of their burrow, no success. Shannon was very unhappy with my methods, decided to name the Tree Calpales Folley. Will have whole region named after me at this rate.
Party decided to breach underground tunnels. Hate confined spaces, no room to maneuver, went in first.
Found mites entrenched and prepared for an ambush, slew several of them including several large centipedes they were keeping as pets. Walker almost killed by giant Centipede over a chasm. Freed a Kobold prisoner who told us of a Kobold idol in posession of the Mites. Idol may be useful to apease Kobolds as per our mission.
Searched remainder of Cave network. Walker spotted the leader of the Mites riding a giant Tick and assassinated him. Giant Tick turned on remaining Mites without its keeper, had to dispatch it. Grappled with Tick, comrades were successful in dispatching it.
Wound from Tick infected, several members of the Group showing signs of poisoning from the Centepedes. Decided to go back to Olek’s camp to rest and recover.
Shipment of goods arrived at Olek’s, have a bastard sword now and took time to familiarize myself with the weapon. Wounds have healed up, feel like I’m stronger for them.


ceollyn aetrion

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