Erik's Game


So we started out from the dreadfully plain Olegs Trading Camp. At first I was glad to leave the drab place. It is so boring…and dirty.

We were taking a statue to the kobolds. Why? I don’t know and didn’t care. Was just happy to be moving somewhere.

We traveled for what seemed like days. Day after boring day. Boring until we met Boken. He was fun. Crazy, makes bad tea, but fun. The crazy alchemist needs some Fang Berries. I am sure we will be returning later with some berries since I have been reduced more or less into a courier. A Silverstar acting as a common courier, how absurd. If father knew he would be laughing and saying I told you so.

After about another six weeks of boring travel we stumbled upon a dead troll. It was an ugly brute. Kind of looked like Queen Beatrice’s third son. Also her second son…and her first son. Poor boys. Troll tracks led one way from the dead troll, a set of wounded humanoid tracks led into another direction. Even though I was almost dead from boredom we didn’t follow either set of tracks and instead went towards the kobolds cave.

We have been on this boring trip for what seems like months when we found buried treasure. Really, we found buried treasure. It was like a pirate got lost and buried a dagger, silver ring, wand and a spell book by a tree.

After about another year of dreadful exploring and sleeping outdoors we came to the river. A fun river. The only way across was a rope strung across the fast moving river. I jumped up on the rope and ran half way across when I smelled them. There was a dirty smelly old man and he had some dirty smelly dogs. Very disgusting and dirty. Shannon of the Long Leg talked the dirty old man into leaving us. She turned what could have a VERY fun encounter into just a fun encounter.

2 or 3 decades of monotonous traveling and exploring finally led us to the Silvertop silver mine. We were returning the statue to the kobolds when an exciting civil war broke out. Chief versus Shaman. Fight to the death. Best kobold wins. Or the kobold with Xavier Silverstar III wins. 2 thrusts of my rapier Killed 2 kobolds. Although I didn’t kill the shaman I did wound him grievously. After the near death blow I gave him he was an easy target for Walker from “I am a girl and I fight with a bow instead of a sword” Valley.

After some dreadfully boring trade talk with the kobolds we started back for Olegs. Believe it or not I was looking forward to Olegs lumpy flea ridden beds.

After 2 score days of travel we were ambushed by some bandits. That is not accurate, they attempted to ambush us. The closest one went down by fire and steel. I charged the two cowards shooting arrows at us. I gracefully dodged the 2 arrows they fired at me and ran my blade through one of the bandits throat. As he fell down the other bandit surrendered.

Turns out he was broke and was just trying to feed his family. I gave him some coin and made him promise to live an honest life. The bandit gave us some information about the Stag Lord. I am not sure how phrases will help but the others seemed excited. We took him to Oleg’s to start his new life.

I find it amazing how a few coins can change a mans life. Sadly most of the worlds coins belong to a handful of people and they are not sharing.If some of that money was given to those who need it the world could be a better place. Unfortunately my father, the churches, and most of the wealthy hoard their money. They NEED it so they can make more money off of the people who really need it.

That night I slept peacefully in Oleg’s lumpy bed.


Shannen — Xavier, eyes above the neck please, eyes above the neck

ceollyn Xavier_Silverstar_III

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